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Preventative Care

The most important tool a veterinarian has in your pet’s health is an annual wellness examination. Whether your pet is young, middle-aged, or a senior citizen, this is where you and the veterinarian come together to make a plan regarding the health and wellness of your pet. This is our opportunity to answer your questions and get to know your pets when they are well, so we may better treat them when they are not.

As with any other medical treatment at Tualatin Park Veterinary Clinic, we will tailor a vaccination schedule to be most appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle. There is not one treatment plan appropriate for every patient.  After a thorough examination and discussion with our doctor and team members, we hope to offer you and your pet a vaccination schedule that maintains his wellness while not over-vaccinating.


Our Clinic is equipped with an in house laboratory and radiology department to evaluate and respond to your pet’s immediate needs and health condition. Services provided in our clinic include digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, ECG, and both blood chemistry panels as well as CBC (complete blood count). We also partner with Idexx Laboratories to provide high quality diagnostic testing, and consultations with clinical pathologists, cardiologists, radiologists,  and internal medicine specialists.

Dental Health

Oral health is an important part of your pets overall wellness. Your pet will be given an oral exam with every physical examination. If broken or loose teeth are noted, tartar and plaque are present, gums are irritated, or other abnormalities are seen we may recommend that your pet return for an anesthetic procedure.


Nutrition is an important part of your pet’s health. Our clinic strongly believes that there is no diet that is just right for every pet. We encourage you to feed what you are comfortable with, as long as it is nutritionally complete. If your pet has any issues that a switch in diet could resolve, our doctor may recommend you try something else.

Microchip Implants

Our clinic is happy to provide Home Again microchips. Lifetime registration is included with the placement of your pet’s microchip. The microchip contains no information other than a unique series of numbers and letters. Every animal clinic and shelter has the capability to scan a patient for a microchip, and the unique code is then entered into a database where your contact information is stored.

Surgical Procedures

Here at Tualatin Park Vet, we offer routine surgical procedures. We work closely with local specialists if your pet requires more extensive care.

Making an Appointment

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Our Clients Love Tualatin Park!

“Dr. Bertelson and his staff are the most wonderful people. They are all caring and very compassionate. Dr. Bertelson is absolutely amazing! He was very honest and took time to help me work through a tough situation. I would highly recommend this clinic.”

- Kelly D.

Dr. Bertelsen and his staff are knowledgeable and kind…Highly recommend this doc and clinic. So grateful that we ended up here during our crisis.

- Deborah H.