Dog Euthanasia – Pet Euthanasia

As pet lovers, we understand what an agonizing decision it is to euthanize a beloved part of the family. If this is a decision you are considering, know that we are available to you for any questions or concerns. Pets may be sedated prior to euthanasia, if it will ensure a more peaceful experience for […]

Veterinary Pharmacy – Animal Pharmaceuticals

For your convenience, we maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, medicated shampoos, supplements, and parasite preventatives. Many medications are now available outside of the veterinary clinic. Some products offer guarantees that are only effective if the product is purchased through a veterinary clinic, others offer rebates and incentives to our customers.

Veterinary Anesthesia – Dog Anesthesia

Our clinic takes your pet’s health and safety seriously. Before undergoing an anesthetic procedure we recommend basic diagnostic testing. This will give our Doctor an insight into any hidden, underlying disease conditions that could be affected by anesthesia. The recommendation is stronger if your pet is geriatric, or has any underlying health issues. Ultimately, this […]

Veterinary Surgery

Our surgical suite is equipped for a wide variety of surgical procedures. The most common surgeries performed are ovariohysterectomy and castration (spay and neuter.) However, many other procedures such as orthopedic surgery, declaw, bladder stone removal, gastrointestinal foreign body removal, soft tissue growth removal, splenectomy, and more. We have highly qualified local surgeons that we […]

Dog Diagnostics

Our Clinic is equipped with an in house laboratory and radiology department to evaluate and respond to your pet’s immediate needs and health condition. Services provided in our clinic include digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and basic blood panels. We also partner with Idexx Laboratories to provide high quality diagnostic testing and consultations with clinical pathologists, […]


Our clinic is happy to provide Home Again microchips. Lifetime registration is included with the placement of your pet’s microchip. The microchip contains no information other than a unique series of numbers and letters. Every animal clinic and shelter has the capability to scan a patient for a microchip, and the unique code is then […]

Pet Wellness Clinic

The most important tool a veterinarian has in the health of your pet is an annual wellness examination. Whether your pet is young, middle aged or a senior citizen, this is where you and the veterinarian come together to make a plan regarding the health and wellness of your pet. This is our opportunity to […]

Pet Vaccinations

In recent years, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has updated their recommendation for vaccination protocols in both dogs and cats.  What we have learned about the duration of immunity provided by vaccinations has changed. Additionally, what we have learned about the risks in over-vaccinating has also changed. In light of this, Tualatin Park Veterinary […]

Veterinary Dentistry – Animal Dental Clinic

Oral health is an important part of your pets overall wellness. Your pet will be given an oral exam with every physical examination. If broken or loose teeth are noted, tartar and plaque are present, gums are irritated, or other abnormalities are seen we may recommend that your pet return for an anesthetic procedure. During […]