Pet Wellness Clinic

The most important tool a veterinarian has in the health of your pet is an annual wellness examination. Whether your pet is young, middle aged or a senior citizen, this is where you and the veterinarian come together to make a plan regarding the health and wellness of your pet.

This is our opportunity to answer your questions. To get to know your pets when they are well, so that we may better treat them when they are not. To document their individual histories, so that we can recognize changes early. To develop what we hope will be a long lasting partnership with you in the wellness of your pet. Recommendations on vaccinations will usually be made during your annual wellness exam. These will vary for pets depending on age, health, and lifestyle. Because we follow the most current vaccine protocol recommended by American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA,) it is possible that your pet may not be due for a vaccination every year.

The discussion you have with the veterinarian about your pet’s day to day behaviors, appetite, diet, exercise routine, activity level etc… and any changes noted by you, can play an important role in preventative medicine. Early detection of any underlying health issues is key to preventing your pet from suffering the symptoms of a disease left undiagnosed, therefore untreated.If any changes or trends are noted, or based on what the doctor finds upon examination and during your discussion, we may recommend diagnostic testing. This could include blood work, urinalysis, fecal examination, radiographs etc…

The doctor may also take this as an opportunity to talk to you about your pet’s dental hygiene, or weight management, or to discuss arthritis and other disease processes in our geriatric patients. Parasite prevention and treatment will be addressed as needed for each patient. Behavioral concerns are also commonly discussed during wellness visits.

You are your pet’s advocate at the veterinary clinic, we value the opportunity to answer any and all of your questions so that you can make a well informed decision about your pet’s care and wellness. As always, we invite you to be present for all of your pet’s treatment at our clinic.