Veterinary Dentistry – Animal Dental Clinic

Oral health is an important part of your pets overall wellness. Your pet will be given an oral exam with every physical examination. If broken or loose teeth are noted, tartar and plaque are present, gums are irritated, or other abnormalities are seen we may recommend that your pet return for an anesthetic procedure. During this ‘Dental Cleaning’ your pet will be anesthetized so the doctor can perform a complete oral exam, as well as any extractions if necessary. During the dental prophylaxis your pet’s teeth will be cleaned of tartar using hand instruments as well as an ultrasonic scaler, then polished much like your teeth are when you visit the dentist. If the doctor is concerned about risk of oral infection or pain you will receive antibiotics or pain medication to give to your pet at home.

Unaddressed dental disease can affect other components of your pet’s health, the heart, kidneys, intestinal tract and even the joints can be affected. Bacteria being constantly present at your pet’s gum line can allow the bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause serious health risks.

pet dentistrybefore-and-after-dog-dentistry